Our Local Environment

In a country whose President wishes to dismantle the EPA, one question in desperate need of attention is: how do we protect our environment? Here in Phoenixville and in Pennsylvania, our eco-systems are under threat from coal companies wanting to dump coal ash in our streams, as well as oil companies wanting to pipeline their way through our communities jeopardizing our safety and our waterways.

As a citizen now and as Mayor after November 7th, I will seek a team of Phoenixville environmentalists to help form an Environmental Advisory Council.  Additionally, I will seek to protect our open space by taking a stand against corporate subsidies for developers (the subsidy program in Phoenixville is known as LERTA).  While residents will be hit with a 5% tax increase this year, Toll Brothers and friends enjoy a 0% tax rate for the thousand new apartment units that they just built.  Undoing this will not happen quickly or easily, but I believe it is fundamentally important if we want to protect the remaining open space in our region.

EACs serve as vehicles for environmentally educating the community, influencing the Planning Committee as well as the Zoning, and Hearing Board on the environmental impacts of any changes to Zoning as well as the impact of any proposed planning developments.  If we form Phoenixville’s EAC well, then our Borough can benefit from analysis by experts on how projects will impact our watershed, whether we have sufficient shade trees, composting programs and whether these projects are energy-efficient or if they are utilizing sufficient renewable energy.