Affordable Housing

As Phoenixville has revitalized our town has become too expensive for many people living on fixed incomes and working minimum wage jobs.

Nate Craig is passionate about making sure that -as we grow- that we do so in an economically sustainable way.  During his speech at the local progressive group called “The Way Forward” Nate reflected:

“I think back to the day of the first blizzard we had this year.  The temperature was around 12 degrees.  Now, even though I’m obviously a massive individual, 12 degrees is enough to make this mountain man appreciate some good ol’ climate control, so I was driving home with my heat on full blast, grumbling to myself about how tough it was to see in all the snow.  One thing I could see, however, once I got about a mile down the road from the McDonalds, was a woman wearing a red, short-sleeved T-shirt.  As I got closer, I saw that this woman, who later explained that she was just leaving her second job at McDonalds, had no coat and no hat. She was walking through the blizzard in 12 degree weather with her arms pulled into her short-sleeved McDonalds T-shirt. If someone working two jobs can’t afford rent, and a coat, and a hat, and -what am I forgetting- oh, FOOD, then we are falling short.”

PETRA has been working for years on a project called Steel Town.  When it came down to the final vote, Nate Craig requested that Borough Council approve Steel Town -which was a proposed project and is now an approved project for affordable housing development in the North Ward.  With a vote of 4-2 Steel Town’s plan passed and -upon completion- our town will have 48 new affordable units.

However, the push for more luxury units will continue.  Nate Craig has requested to become a member of the newly-created Affordable Housing Task Force in Phoenixville and is eager to learn about our town’s needs as well as help shape a proposal for the Borough.

Stay tuned for a video from Nate on affordable housing!